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I blog about change. Change which is often so uncomfortable but still inevitable. Change that is sometimes a choice and sometimes forced onto you. Change can hurt but opens doors, gateways and avenues to new opportunities, new perspectives and a new you. 

After more than six years living in Namibia I am moving to Germany. While the move to Southern Africa years ago was well planned and prepared, the move “back” (oh, I hate that expression) is different: in a matter of weeks it was decided and neither job nor house are in place for now. Many, many blogs talk about how to prepare for living abroad, few give information on the practical side of moving “back” and hardly any speak about how it FEELS to return home, a home that has changed and you have changed as well.

As much as I am sad to leave I am looking forward to the experience, the new views, the new ME in an old (?) setting. Follow me and my story. I will alternate between videos and articles and would highly appreciate your feedback and comments!

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Courage for the small things…
Luise Haunit / Sunday, December 31, 2017 / Categories: Blog Posts

Courage for the small things…

Courage for the small things…

Most of my inspirational quotes in my notebooks and around my room are about courage, about finally “doing it” and getting out of the comfort zone. I have nothing against a nice break and a very comfy comfort zone but moving forward has always been my favorite topic – irrespective of whether I am in a very courageous state or not. 

However I have always felt like a cheater when it comes to courage: I have done things in my life that seem very courageous from the outside – travelling alone to non-typical travel destinations, moving to new cities and towns, speaking in front of audiences – but they never required a huge amount of my courage. Yes, they are exciting, they thrill me, and obviously I am a bit scared but not too much in order to stop me. 

I need courage for the smaller things in life, the things that require perseverance: While I feel comfortable doing a once-off stage performance, thinking about how to build a career around that passion taking tiny, tiny steps every day in order to get where I want to be scares me. Because that is actually the real stuff: Going out over and over again, being rejected, finding new ways on how to make it happen and holding on to the idea throughout all the trouble and turmoil! 

I can easily lose some weight if I want to fit into that supercool dress I just bought but changing to a healthier lifestyle to make sure that I will enjoy the benefits of being fit and strong for a long time doesn’t really cross my mind. It bores me because it sounds too long-term to me. And it scares me because that would require the real change. 

Many years ago a friend of mine said to me “You always seem to be on the way to a big adventure” and up until yesterday when I took it as the best compliment I have ever heard. But big adventure comes easy to me; I want to get better at the small adventures: The “every days, every hours, every minutes”, at the “sticking to it” and the “let’s try it again”. 

I will need a lot of these skills in 2018. There are plans, situations and projects coming up that require my full commitment – what a scary word – and I take a vow today that I will meet them with every day courage, a repeated sense of adventure and the necessary flexibility to adapt to new situations. I am ready to happily and adventurously fail but I will not give up! 

Let me know if you want to join me on that quest. If you have similar plans, I would love to hear from you!

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