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I blog about change. Change which is often so uncomfortable but still inevitable. Change that is sometimes a choice and sometimes forced onto you. Change can hurt but opens doors, gateways and avenues to new opportunities, new perspectives and a new you. 

After more than six years living in Namibia I am moving to Germany. While the move to Southern Africa years ago was well planned and prepared, the move “back” (oh, I hate that expression) is different: in a matter of weeks it was decided and neither job nor house are in place for now. Many, many blogs talk about how to prepare for living abroad, few give information on the practical side of moving “back” and hardly any speak about how it FEELS to return home, a home that has changed and you have changed as well.

As much as I am sad to leave I am looking forward to the experience, the new views, the new ME in an old (?) setting. Follow me and my story. I will alternate between videos and articles and would highly appreciate your feedback and comments!

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Luise Haunit / Wednesday, September 20, 2017 / Categories: Blog Posts


I always have too much and I buy too much...

The issue of „stuff” has been a very interesting one for me in the last years. I always have too much and I buy too much. Instead of buying one quality dress I prefer to have three cheaper ones. I just like to have A LOT. I like it when my fridge is full, I like to have many books, I looove to have a lot of stationery (it doesn’t matter if I actually use it or not) and ideally at least 20 coffee cups and 5 sets of sheets and covers for my bed.

This, too, must change. Over the last days I have been selling and giving away almost all of my stuff and will be going home with three suitcases. It’s amazing (and almost a bit scary) how much I have gathered over the last six years. For clarity’s sake: I am not a messie. I am not hoarding garbage, broken things or old, old stuff. I just like to buy and have a lot!

I sold most of my clothes to a second hand store and the lady folded almost 20 dresses into a box. 20 dresses! Only for the summer! And there a still a number of dresses left. 4 pairs of brown boots? All different styles… but really, Luise, really?

With this blog post I commit to buying less once I move into a new home. Less furniture, less clothes, less “stuff”… quality over quantity. I will keep you updated on how it goes…


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