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Who am I, what do I do?

Professional Profile

I am an enthusiast for life and everything that has to do with communications between people. As a trained Public Relations professional I have been working in the political sphere on advocacy and campaigning and in international development cooperation for many years. I lived in Namibia for six years and worked in HIV-prevention for young people, behavior change communication and sport for development with national and international partner organizations such as the Namibia Football Association and the World Football Association FIFA.  

I also was a radio host on Hitradio Namibia for four years and was co-hosting the TV talk show ‘Ukweli – Our truth’ on ONE AFRICA.  
After having completed a course in Public speaking, I now want to connect with people in a more personal way. By sharing my own stories, experiences and lessons learned on stage my aim is to encourage people to discover who they are, what they are passionate about and use this as a starting point to courageously offer all their skills, talents and true selves to the world. My inspirational speech at the Night of Inspiration 2017 “The untold story inside of you” focused on the concepts of clarity and courage, urging and encouraging people from all age-groups to get to know themselves better. “Before we go on the quest for self-development and self-improvement, it is crucial to fully understand, accept and love ourselves (clarity) and be courageous enough to ‘risk being seen in all of your glory’ (Jim Carrey).”

As the owner of Luise Haunit Communications, I offer services in internal and external communications with a focus on creativity, innovation management and authentic leadership as a process of organizational development. 

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